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Based in the world's most innovative country (deep tech nation Switzerland), the ScaleUp Factory finances high-potential European start-ups, growth advises them until they become new-born Scale-ups and accompanies them to be investment-ready. The portfolio focusses on Creative Tech (MediaTech, Creative Industries, Art Tech, Lifestyle, Digital) .

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Vincent is regularly invited as speaker, mentor or financier to fairs, conferences and markets such as SXSW, Sonar+D, Slush, VivaTech, SF MusicTech, Techstar, Berlinale, Cannes Film Festival, ClosingTheGap, VentureLab and as a guest lecturer to the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg and the National Film and Television School (NFTS) in London.  

Vincent Favrat is a swiss serial entrepreneur and business angel. Vincent founded the ScaleUp Factory after having led the Belgian Emotion AI scale-up Musimap SA (metada enrichment, psychographic profiling). Prior to that, he specialized in financing the creative industries from Berlin (300 concerts, 35 film scores, video games and films co-productions) after starting his career next to Claude Nobs at the Montreux Jazz Festival.


Our values

The philosophy of the ScaleUp Factory is to celebrate entrepreneurs as heroes of our time and shapers of our world. Acting as a growth matrix, it contributes to their start-ups' quantum leap forward in the scale-up phase. The aim is to discuss co-investments with fellow super angels and collaborations with strategic partners in unconventional scenic & entertaining settings while displaying European innovative excellence.





Our values

For co-investors

On top of its contribution to the pre-series A financing, the ScaleUp Factory adopts a hands-on steering approach with the future scale-ups of its portfolio, adding months of growth advising to the mix. It turns world-class rock-solid start-ups into crystal clear scale-up and makes sure they are both investment and growth ready on their way to become European Diamonds.

Co-investing in the ScaleUp Factory’s deal flow implies de facto investing in high-potential new born European scale-ups with high success rate, ready to shake and shape tomorrow’s economy. Play, invest and scale with us!



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European Diamonds 

Future scale-ups

For future scale-ups

The ScaleUp Factory celebrates entrepreneurs as the shapers of our world and contributes to your journey to the scale-up phase. Transitioning to over 10-15 people, finding the right product/market fit and internationalizing are no simple moves. It is a time of fragility where the KPIs often don’t fit the VCs investment criteria nor the investment capabilities of BAs. That where the ScaleUp Factory can support your growth by investing right in the Seed/pre-series A gap.

It does also growth advise you to consolidate the company (team, governance, advisory board, captable, data room, biz dev, sales force, roadmap, strategic partnerships, industry awareness, personal branding, etc.) and accompany you in your Series A fundraising efforts so that you find the right financiers at the right time. In a nutshell: we provide you with smart money, consider ourselves your “superpower assistant”, adopt a “get-your-hands-dirty” approach and a “you bleed-we bleed” principle so that you get stronger - better and faster! Play and scale with us! 



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